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Conflicts of Interest
by Michael Yon: NRO

Five Detroit Area Men Discovered to be Spies for Iraqi Intelligence
The Detroit News

India threatens break with Pakistan over non- cooperation in Mumbai Inquiry
The Times (London)

Izzat al-Duri Offers Obama an Olive Branch

Indian PM: Pakistani Official Agencies Behind Mumbai Attack
Times of India

Indian Dossier on Mumbai Attacks to Blame Elements of Pakistani State

Mumbai Terrorists thought they were on Kashmir mission
Times of India

Celebrated Harvard Prof Opposed Iraq War
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Syria: Terror Inc
by Tony Badran

Iraqi-American Pleads Guilty to Spying for Saddam
Washington Examiner

Pakistan-India Tensions Mount

'Pakistan not afraid of India War Preparations'
Daily Times

India Keeps Option of Pak Strike Open
Times of India

Coalition Forces Detain Iranian Intel Agent
MNFI Press Desk

India: ISI Behind All Recent Terrorist Incidents
Times of India

Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience
Report of Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

What's wrong in Afghanistan
by Sarah Chayes

McCain warns of Indian airstrikes if Pakistan doesn't act fast
Daily Times

Indian Analysis of Mumbai Attacks
Times of India

The Sovereignty Dodge: What Pakistan Won't Do, the World Should
by Robert Kagan

UBL is dead?
by Robert Baer

Scientific impossibility: Did FBI get their man in Bruce Ivins?
Baltimore Examiner

Damascus's Deadly Bargain
by Lee Smith

Scientists Slam FBI Anthrax Probe
New York Post

Mosul calls for US raids on Syria
Daily Telegraph

Hitting Syria, Five Years Late
Wall Street Journal

Syria Complicit with Al-Qaeda in Iraq in Killing Americans
by Tony Badran

The Democrats' Shifting Position on Saddam
video by
Staff Sgt John Milinger

White Powder and 007
by Norman M. Covert

The Return of Islam
by Bernard Lewis

In it to Win
by John Nagl

Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit
by Richard Spertzel

What is the Arab World's Problem?
by Lee Smith

In Praise of Mavericks:
A true professional will strive to do something, not be someone
by Col Michael D. Wyly (Ret)

Former Regime Elements in Iraq and al Qaida in Iraq
by Entifadh Qanbar

Richard Clarke's Treachery
Part I; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6
by Jack Cashill

Iraq Behind 2001 Anthrax Attacks?
     TNR's Marty Peretz posts article by Dr. Dany Shoham and Dr.  Stuart
Jacobsen (link has been removed--although existence of article worth noting)

Comment on above by Dr. Richard Spertzel
(member of UNSCOM and Iraq Survey Group)

Using Occam's Razor to Connect the Dots: The Ba'ath Party and the insurgency
in Tal Afar
Military Review
by Captain Travis Patriquin

CNSNews Report:
Saddam Had WMD,       
Extensive Terror Ties
by Scott Wheeler