[September 22, 2008]
Re: Laurie Mylroie's Sarah and Saddam:

Thank you and Dr. Mylroie for this great article, which so perfectly sums up her expertise on this subject. I've long been an acolyte of hers, and am a proud owner of both The War Against America and Bush vs. The Beltway. I sent her a letter of appreciation a couple of years ago and was rewarded with a warm and thoughtful response.

It's unfortunate but typical of the atmosphere in which we currently live that her voice hasn't been heard above the din of the MSM. Thank you all for giving it the exposure it needs in order for that to happen. I think many lives could have been saved had Dr. Mylroie's warning been heeded in time.
-- Brian L. Voorheis
Friendship, New York


[September 16, 2008]

Re: Laurie Mylroie's Sarah and Saddam:

Laurie Mylroie continues her persistent and correct analysis of Saddam's role in 9/11. It is buttressed (as Dr. Mylroie has noted in previous writings) by Saddam's harboring of Yasin, who helped make the bomb for the '93 Trade Center bombing, and by the assistance Shakir, an Iraqi intelligence agent, gave to two of the 9/11 hijackers at a critical meeting in January 2000 in Malaysia. Note as well that Yosef Bodansky's biography of Bin Laden reveals an important Al Qaeda/Iraq intelligence meeting in Baghdad in February to March 1998 and the delivery by Saddam's associate, Hijazi, of blank diplomatic passports to Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Toss in Mohammed Atta's meetings with Iraqi intelligence agent Al Ani in Prague and you have a recipe that makes Sarah Palin's assertions rather reasonable.
-- Lawrence Kohn
, Wisconsin